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* Years of recording experience in Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock-A-Billy, Contemporary Christian & Bluegrass *

Bucky Barrett is best known as an acoustic and electric guitarist. He has performed on more than 1600 albums and CDs with acclaimed artists such as Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Neil Young, Chet Atkins, kd Lang, Willie Nelson, Dottie West, Charlie Daniels, Nicolette Larson and countless others. He was the guitarist for Roy Orbison, has toured the world and continues to make music his life's ambition. His authentic style ranges from playing Delta blues with Muddy Waters in a dirt floor club in Chicago to the velvet touch of his latest smooth jazz contemporary CD, "Heartworks." Bucky's studio experience is blues and jazz to metal, pop and rock... from traditional country to new country... from traditional gospel to new contemporary Christian... All the way to the smooth jazz styling and improvisation on a gut string classical guitar. Today Bucky is the driving force behind Majic Music, a creative music production company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

It all began a lifetime ago in rural Canton, Mississippi. As Bucky felt more passion to play the guitar, he began to live his life around learning to play. He took a menial job in high school at a gas station, which fortuitously changed his life. He washed chicken trucks with two black dudes. They introduced him to the great black players of that time who would come through town to get gasoline. He met Elmore James, BB King, Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland and countless other, most of whom would stop and show this white kid with a dream the guitar licks that made them famous. Those legends in the business only made this small town kid from rural Mississippi more sure of his destiny to play.

Bucky hit the road with a band beginning his life as a full time musician right after high school. He paid his dues several times over playing in small clubs every night for the first couple of years. Along the way he played with Muddy Waters in Chicago, who changed this young man's life forever. Bucky was mesmerized by the magical sounds and his soulful style. Further influenced by the performances of John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Joe Diorio, Bucky's sound became authentic and original.

Experience the musical genius of one of the most original, authentic players of our time. Enjoy one of his projects with long time buddy and idol, Scotty Moore, as talented a producer as he was guitar guru. Feel the influence of his friend, the legendary Hank Garland, when you listen to a clip from Bucky's site. Relive the incomparable and unforgettable Roy Orbison sound as you access clips from Bucky's tribute CD to his dear, departed friend. Be prepared for a wonderful ride as you access the site of one of the most innovative and talented guitarists of our time... Feel the history... Relive the sounds... Enjoy the ride.