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Imagine playing your favorite song and being able to accompany yourself on the guitar. 
It can happen with Online Lessons !!!
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I've had guitarists and non guitarists ask me through the years if I would ever consider giving lessons. Through the miracle of modern technology, I can do it now from pretty much anywhere you are. Also, the guitar is not just for young people wanting to get into the business. According to research, playing a musical instrument may help prevent Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. So, playing the guitar may help ward off these problems with older people.

I am currently available to teach any level of guitar. Whether you have never picked up a guitar before or consider yourself an intermediate or advanced level player, I will help you obtain and exceed your goals. My passion for playing was nurtured, enhanced and genuinely inspired by the great Blues and Rock players. Muddy Waters shared his God given gifts by being patient with me to share his soulful licks. Elmore James taught me techniques on slide guitar only the masters were using from deep Mississippi. My experience working with the legendary Neil Young actually blessed me with my first gold record. I've simply traveled the world fortuitously and unexpectedly meeting and learning from Rock and Blues Masters, Jazz greats, award winning artists and authentic, studied masters. I am the blend of studio work, live gigs with the masters, and quite frankly, have so much on the job training that my credentials are found in my work itself. I'd like to pass on my knowledge to those who possess the passion in their gut to learn the guitar much as I have had all my life. I am qualified to teach this beautiful instrument to anyone who wants to learn from an authentic player of all genres of music.