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Dr. Peter Lehman, Director of The Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture at Arizona State University, represented the University at a stellar event in Dallas, Tx recently to honor Bucky with the coveted Legacy Award. The Legacy Award honors creative contributions over a lifetime of performing and recording with legends of popular music. Glen Agritelley, owner of the award winning Mercy Wine Bar, hosted the event along with Dr. Lehman. Pictured below are Glen Agritelley, Marcelo Berestovoy, Bucky,  and Jeff Plant.

Here are some photos from Scotty Moore's 80th birthday party in Memphis, Tn, home of Sun Records. Scotty, Elvis, Bill Black, and Sam Phillips changed music forever when they collaborated at Sun. Even today their indelible mark on the music industry is felt worldwide.

Notice the one-of-a-kind guitar I am playing pictured below. It was crafted especially for me by the masterful luthier, Dean Zelinsky. My wife, Gigi, said you could hear a pin drop as I played my favorite guitar to honor my dear friend on this special occasion.

Also pictured below are Priscilla Presley, my wife, Gigi, myself and most importantly, the honoree of the night, the legendary Scotty Moore.


Blonde Dean Zelinsky
This is the only guitar in the world like this. For more info,
Another Guitar that Dean Zelinsky made for me. It's a Tagliare Z-Glide Custom!